The Donahoo Way

Who We Are

H. N. Donahoo started doing business in Alabama in the early 1920’s, specializing in paving, sewer, water and gas pipelines. Over the years, the company has become a one-stop source for residential and commercial site development needs. From the initial clearing and grading, storm and sanitary sewer, water mains and services to concrete gutters and asphalt paving, H. N. Donahoo Contracting has gained the reputation of being one of the best site development contractors in the Birmingham area. Many of our customers appreciate the fact that we self-perform most all facets of the work on their job, eliminating the problems associated with numerous subcontractors.

The “Donahoo Way” – simply stated, it is doing it right the first time and then standing behind it. This is accomplished by the hiring of our employees at entry-level positions then training and promoting them through the ranks to operators and supervisors. They learn from the ground up what is the acceptable standard for our work. Even the principals of the company started in entry-level positions and now have over 130 years of combined experience.

The Donahoo Way has allowed us to negotiate contracts and develop relationships with many valued customers. Over the years, many dedicated employees and principals have worked hard to earn us an enviable reputation in our industry with developers, engineering firms and suppliers. Our goal each day is to preserve and further that reputation.